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Fleas Checklist


You need a: sample checklist for flea prevention:

Fleas are mean nettler! You want to get rid of them - and that definitely! Therefore, your co-operation is essential.


Year by year millions of flats are getting affected by fleas. Most of the time it is associated with pets. Adult fleas subsist of blood. They burr many animals and humans too. The reaction on fleabites depends on the sensibility of the victim.

Some fleas transmit diseases and the tapeworms of dogs or cats.


The picture shows which phases there are in the life of a flea. The adult flea only burrs. The other phases as egg, larva and cocoon are mainly unnoticed. You can find them where the involuntary blood donors are mainly moving and resting.


A successful prevention assumes a co-operation between the occupant and the pest controller.


Duties of the occupant:


*          hoover floors and carpets carefully, as well as pillows and upholstered      furniture. Especially baseboards, corners and all spots where pets are mainly staying. Encase the vacuum cleaner bag in air-proofed plastic bags and dispose it as soon as possible.


*          The carpets, blankets, pillows (and so on) from the sleeping places of the pets      needs to washed hot, cleaned or disposed


*          Let your pets get checked on an affection from your veterinarian and when  indicated treated. That must be done on the day of the prevention! (Insecticide dog-and cat collars are not enough, they effect to slow.)


*          The pets can get back into the treated rooms as soon as the sprayed surfaces  are completely dry.


*          the floors should not get cleaned wet for at least 8 days in order to not affect the long-term-effect.


*          In case of flea-affection on humans, clean/wash your body completely and  carefully. Wash the laundry with 60°C, at least 10 minutes


Duties of the pest controller:


*          adequate pesticides are getting placed where they find fleas and/or their stage of development, that means on carpets, upholstered furniture and in gaps and fugues  close to the floor.

*          Adjoining rooms, garages, dog pounds and parts of the garden must be  involved sometimes

*          The treatment with the pesticides does not involve the eggs or cocoons

*          Therefore it is possible that fresh hatched fleas will appear. Most of them will fall victim to the long-term-effect of the preparation.

*          Sometimes a second treatment is necessary. If pets are free to stray around you  have to reckon with a new affection.








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